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Acorns Plants, Food
Amaranthus sp - Amaranth Plants, Food
Apple Tree Plants
Arrow Weapons
Barn Lantern Household Goods - Kitchen Implements
Bead Necklace Jewelry
Beaver Animals
Beaver Hat Beaver Fur Products
Beaver Pelt Beaver Fur Products
Bedstraw - Cheese Rennet - Galium sp. Plants
Beer - Small Beer Food
Blackberry - Bramble - Raspberry - Rubus sp. Plants, Food
Blueberry - Vaccinium Sp. Plants, Food
Bow Weapons
Bull Animals, Livestock
Butter Churn Household Goods - Kitchen Implements
Cabbage - Brassica oleracea Plants, Food
Candlemas - Purification of the Virgin - Presentation of Jesus- February 2
Canoe - Barkside
Canoe - Dugout - Muxul - Mishoon
Cat - Ship's Cat Animals
Cheese Food
Chestnut Tree - Castanea dentata Plants, Food
Clam - Littleneck Clam Food
Clay Pipe Household Goods - Kitchen Implements
Clogs Shoes
Coat - Dutch Trade Coat - Justacorps Clothing
Collard Greens - Collards Plants, Food
Copper Breast Ornament Jewelry
Corn - Maiz - Indian Corn Plants
Cotton Cloth - Nickanees -Gingham - Guinea Cloth Clothing
Cow Animals, Livestock
Cracker Press Household Goods - Kitchen Implements
Cradle Household Goods - Furniture
Cupboard Bed Architectural Elements, Household Goods - Furniture
Cutlery for Cooking Household Goods - Kitchen Implements
Dandelion - Taraxacum officinale Plants
Deer - Venison Food, Animals
Dog Animals
Duffel Cloth - Duff Cloth Clothing
Dutch Door Architectural Elements
Dutch Oven Household Goods - Kitchen Implements
Ell Unit of Measure - Linear
Fathom - vadem Unit of Measure - Linear
Ferry Boat Ships - Ferry Boat
Fish - Fishing Food
Foot - voet Unit of Measure - Linear
Galium sp - Bedstraw - 'cheese rennet' Plants, Food
Grapevine - Grapes - Vitus Plants, Food
Groundhog - Woodchuck Animals
Hard Tack - Ship's Biscuits Food
Hominy - Indigenous Cornmeal Mush Food
Horse Livestock
Inch - duim - thumb Unit of Measure - Linear
Lambs Quarters - Goosefoot - Common Spinach Plants
Leggings - Deerskin Leggings Clothing
Lemon Plants, Food
Lobster Food
Mantle Clothing
Mint - Mentha - Pot herbs Plants, Food
Moccasins Shoes
Moon - Moonlight - Moon Phases
Mountain Laurel Plants
Oak - White Oak - Quercus Alba Plants
OnRust Ships - Yacht
Oyster Food
Paint Clothing
Parsley - Pot herbs - Petroselinum crispum Plants, Food
Passenger Pigeon Animals
Peach Tree Plants, Food
Pear Tree Plants, Food
Pig Livestock, Animals
Poison Ivy Plants
Pokeweed - Pokeberry - Phytolacca sp. Plants
Poplar - Tulip Tree - Tulip Poplar - Liriodendron Tulipifera Plants
Pumpkin - Cucurbita sp. Plants, Food
Purslane - Portulaca sp. Plants
Raccoon Animals
Roach - Headdress Clothing
Rod - Roede Unit of Measure - Linear
Rosemary Plants
Salt Pork Food
Sappaen - Corn Meal Mush Food
Sheep Livestock, Animals
Ships - Privateer
Shoes Shoes
Silk Cloth - Silk Ribbons Clothing
Still Life Painting
Strawberry - Strawberries - Fragraria Plants, Food
Three Sisters Planting - Corn - Beans - Squash Plants, Food
Tobacco - Nicotiana Plants
Tobacco Pipe - Native American
Tobacco Pouch - Native American
Turkey Animals, Food
Waffle Iron Household Goods - Kitchen Implements
Wampum Belt - Wampum - Sewan - Sewant
Wheellock Pistols Weapons
White Pine - Eastern White Pine - Pinus strobus Plants
Wooden Mallet for cooking Household Goods - Kitchen Implements
Wooden Pail Household Goods - Kitchen Implements
Wooden Spoon for cooking Household Goods - Kitchen Implements