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Still-Life, Breakfast with Champaign Glass and Pipe 1642, Jan Davidz de Heem

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Lemons or other citrus trees could not be grown in New Netherland, but most ships had some form of citrus on board to prevent scurvy.   Lemons preserved in fat in a barrel were common.  Marmalade was a serious luxury, but might have been stocked for the Captain's table in a few ships.   

Joel Grossman's archeological dig found a single lemon seed amoung all the other seeds in the layer for the 17th century.   It has been assumed that this seed came from some marmalade or a preserved lemon brought onto Manhattan while the ships were docked there.

See a detailed article on the archeology of plant life in New Amsterdam by Joel Grossman, PhD. here.  Courtesy of the Holland Society of New York.