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Abraham Martens Clocq (ID: 1,660,034) Ancestor - Male beer, HSNY
Abraham Pietersen (ID: 1,660,137) Ancestor - Male beer, HSNY
Aert Willemsen (ID: 1,660,223) Ancestor - Male beer
Andries Jochemsen (ID: 1,660,101) Ancestor - Male beer, HSNY
Andries Rees (ID: 1,660,146) Ancestor - Male beer, HSNY
Aris Otto (ID: 1,660,131) Ancestor - Male beer, HSNY
George Wolsey (ID: 1,660,226) Ancestor - Male beer, HSNY
Govert Loockermans (ID: 151) Ancestor - Male beer, DOHD, fur trade, HSNY, justice, wood
Hans Dreper (ID: 1,660,056) Ancestor - Male beer, HSNY
Hendrick Jansen (ID: 1,660,162) Ancestor - Male beer, HSNY
Isaac de Forest (ID: 68) Ancestor - Male beer, DOHD, HSNY
Jan Jansen Schepmoes (ID: 205) Ancestor - Male beer, DOHD, HSNY
Oloff Stevensen van Cortlandt (ID: 260) Ancestor - Male beer, HSNY
Philip Geraerdy (ID: 1,660,070) Ancestor - Male beer, HSNY
Pierre Pia (ID: 1,660,136) Ancestor - Male beer, HSNY
Pieter Andriessen (ID: 1,660,008) Ancestor - Male beer, HSNY, wood
Pieter Wolfertsen van Couwenhoven (ID: 263) Ancestor - Male beer, HSNY
Rutger Jacobsen van Schoenderwoert (ID: 1,660,091) Ancestor - Male beer
Solomon La Chair (ID: 1,660,113) Ancestor - Male beer, HSNY
Wessel Evertsen (ID: 1,660,063) Ancestor - Male beer, building, DOHD, HSNY
Declaration of Adriaen Claessen Swits and others that the beer obtained at Jan Snediger's was of short measure Document beer, New York State Archives
Judgment against Peter Pia for excise on beer laid in for his daughter's wedding Document beer, New York State Archives
Ordinance fixing the price at which bread, beer and wine shall be sold throughout the province Document beer, New York State Archives
Ordinance fixing the price of good New Netherland beer Document beer, New York State Archives
Ordinance imposing duties on duffels and other Indian goods, wine, brandy, beer and salt, in lieu of one percent on all imports in general Document beer, New York State Archives
Petition of merchants of New Amsterdam that the duty on exported wine and beer be abolished Document beer, New York State Archives
taxlot_A1 Lots beer, Tavern
taxlot_A11 Lots beer
taxlot_A3 Lots beer, Tavern
taxlot_B9 Lots beer
taxlot_D10 Lots beer
taxlot_D5 Lots beer, Tavern
taxlot_D6 Lots beer
taxlot_G4 Lots beer
taxlot_M18 Lots beer
taxlot_N12 Lots beer
taxlot_N2 Lots beer, family life, wood
taxlot_N7 Lots beer, wood
taxlot_N9 Lots beer, pigs
taxlot_P7 Lots beer
taxlot_Q12C Lots beer
taxlot_Q24 Lots beer
Beer - Small Beer Object beer
Brewer Demographics beer,  Trades
Brewer's Man Demographics beer,  Trades
Farmer of Excise Demographics beer,  Other
Tapster Demographics beer,  Business
Tavern Maid Demographics beer,  Other
Tavernkeeper Demographics beer,  Business
Brewery Property Type beer,  Beer
Tavern Property Type beer,  Beer
Ariantje Jans (ID: 660018) Ancestor - Female beer, family life
Grietje Gerritsen (ID: 660,043) Ancestor - Female beer, family life, wood
Maria Polet (ID: 660,054) Ancestor - Female beer