Jacobsen van Schoenderwoert
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Rutger Jacobsen from Schoonderwoert, province of South Holland probably arrived in the ship "Rensselaerswyck" which arrived the 4th of March 1637. He married Triintje Janszen, from Brestede, June 3, 1646. He spent most of his life in Albany, where he was involved in the brewing industry. (Stokes Vol II) Info from Ship Journeys: Rutger Jacobsz From Schoonderwoert (Schoonrewoerd, province of South Holland); served as farm hand on the farm of Cornelis Teunisz, from Breuckelen, for the term of six years, beginning April 8 1637, at f100 a year, and probably came on the Rensselaerswyck. Feb. 9, 1643, he was engaged as foreman on de groote Vlacte (the great Flats) at f220 a year; a suit of clothes, two shirts and two pairs of shoes, his term of service to begin April 7, 1643. From Jan. 1, 1645, he appears as lessee of a farm on the fifth creek, which in 1647 seems to have been taken over by Adriaen Huybertz. From 1648 to 1654 he is charged with an annual rent of f125 for a sawmill on the fifth creek, taken over from Andries de Vos, and for the same period he is charged, jointly with Barent Pietersz, with an annual rent of f550 for a saw- and grist-mill, also on the fifth creek. He owned a yacht from about 1648, and April 4, 1649, agreed to pay f32 a year, for three years, for rent of his house lot and the right to the fur trade. Oct 18, 1650, he and Goosen Gerritsz were authorized to brew beer, on condition of paying duty of one guilder for every barrel of beer, and of brewing free of charge the beer needed for the households of van Slichtenhorst and de Hooges. Rutger Jacobsz is credited with f36 for nine months salary as raets vriendt (councillor) and again with the salary as councillor, at the rate of f50 a year, from Dec 18, 1649, to Oct. 18, 1651, when at his urgent request he was released from his duties and succeeded by Jan Baptist van Rensselaer. Rutger Jacobsz married June 3, 1646, at New Amsterdam, Trijntje Jans, from Breestede (Bredstedt, in Schleswig), and died before Dec. 9, 1665.


Rutger Jacobsen and Willem Teller (wife - Maria Varleth)