All taxonomy terms
"Cleyn" Manuel Minuit (ID: 1,660,198) Ancestor - Male HSNY, justice
Allard Anthony (ID: 433) Ancestor - Male DOHD, HSNY, justice
Anthony Portugis (ID: 1,660,236) Ancestor - Male HSNY, justice
Cleyn "Little" Anthony (ID: 1,660,240) Ancestor - Male justice
Everardus Bogardus (ID: 28) Ancestor - Male DOHD, HSNY, justice, tolerance
Govert Loockermans (ID: 151) Ancestor - Male beer, DOHD, fur trade, HSNY, justice, wood
Gracia (Gratia) d'Angola (ID: 1,660,238) Ancestor - Male justice
Jan Fort Orange (ID: 1,660,241) Ancestor - Male justice
Jan Jansen of St. Obyn (ID: 1,660,096) Ancestor - Male HSNY, justice
Jan Primero (ID: 1,660,243) Ancestor - Male justice
John Francisco (ID: 1,660,237) Ancestor - Male justice
Manuel de Gerrit de Reus (ID: 1,660,111) Ancestor - Male justice
Manuel de Groot (ID: 1,660,182) Ancestor - Male justice
Paulo d'Angola (ID: 1,660,221) Ancestor - Male justice
Pieter Santome (ID: 1,660,242) Ancestor - Male justice
Pieter Schaefbanck (ID: 1,660,155) Ancestor - Male HSNY, justice
Richard Smith (ID: 1,660,163) Ancestor - Male fur trade, HSNY, justice, merchant life, wood
Simon Congo (ID: 1,660,235) Ancestor - Male justice
7th Grade -Justice, Courage and Community: Dutch Settlers in New Amsterdam, circa 1641 revised 2015 Curriculum justice
Van-Laer_Manuscripts_Vol-04_0109_Page-098 Document justice
Van-Laer_Manuscripts_Vol-04_0110_Page-099 Document justice
Van-Laer_Manuscripts_Vol-04_0111_Page-100 Document justice
Van-Laer_Manuscripts_Vol-04_0219_Page-208-1 Document justice
Van-Laer_Manuscripts_Vol-04_0223_Page-212 Document justice
taxlot_0-Church in the Fort Lots justice
taxlot_0-Fort - Fort Amsterdam Lots justice
taxlot_0-Gallows Lots justice
1,660,182 - 660,076 de Groot - Christina Marriage justice
1,660,221 - 660,077 d'Angola - Creole Marriage justice
Apprentice Demographics justice
Half-Free Half-Enslaved (Half Citizens) - Freed Status Demographics justice
Indentured - Indentured Service Demographics justice
Jailor Demographics justice,  DWIC
Schepen Demographics justice,  DWIC
Slave - Enslaved person Demographics justice
Slave - Enslaved person - DWIC Demographics justice,  DWIC
1647 - Princess_bound for Holland, wrecked in a storm, aka Princess Amelia Ship Journey fur trade, justice, tolerance
Catalina Anthony (ID: 660,082) Ancestor - Female justice
Christina (ID: 660,076) Ancestor - Female justice
Dorothy Creole (ID: 660,077) Ancestor - Female justice
Francesca d'Angola (ID: 660,083) Ancestor - Female justice
Maria d'Angola (ID: 660,081) Ancestor - Female justice