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(prior to 1648)

Pieter's tavern was in operation for many years, as he was listed as a tapster as early as 1648.

Measurements for this house as it is represented in the model would be the equivalent of:

15' 9.5" X 27' 5.5" x 12' 7.5"
Length X Width X Height

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Pieter Andriessen (ID: 1,660,008) Individual Individual N7_1648-00-00
Grietje Gerritsen (ID: 660,043) Individual Inheritor (Owner) Pieter Andriessen (ID: 1,660,008) Owner Individual N7_1664-05-00
Sale May 20, 1670 Individual Buyer Individual Buyer Representative Individual Individual Owner N7_1670-05-20
Sale Buyer Seller Individual N7_1708-00-00
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Pieter Andriessen was listed, in 1648, among the tapsters of New Amsterdam. — Rec. N. Am., I: 8.

Undoubtedly, his tavern was here, for his property on the Cingel (Block Q, No. 4) was far from the centre of population in 1648.

Pieter had died before May, 1664. — Ibid., V: 66. His widow, Grietje Gerritsen, was confirmed here in 1667. — Patents, II: 12 (Albany). Her executor, Cornelis Clopper, the blacksmith, sold the house to Barent Coersen, merchant. May 20, 1670. — Liber Deeds, B: 171; cf. Book of Records of Deeds ^ Transfers (etc.), 1665-1672 (translated), 176-7. In the deed, the breadth of the property on the south side was given as "from the middle of the passage betwixt the s'' house & the house of Jn° Cooley." This passage, or alley, is clearly shown on the Plan.

Domine Selyns used to visit Barent Coert and his wife, Christina Wessels, here, in 1686. — Selyns's List, in N. Y. Hist. Soc. Collections, 1841, p. 396.

['] See Manatiis Maps, No. 44, "Pieter de Schoorstienveeger." Cf. also Evjen's Scand. Immigrants, 156, et seq.

In 1708, Christina Wessels, her son Henricus, and her daughter Anne, wife of Abraham Ketteltas, sold the property. — Liber Deeds, XXVI: 331.