Jansen of St. Obyn
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Jan Wanshaer from St. Obin
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Baertje Kip (ID: 660,078) 1,660,096 - 660,078 Jansen - Kip
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"Jan Jansen from St. Obin..." is Jan Wanshaer. He was the husband of Baertje Kip, daughter of Hendrick Kip and Tryntie Lubberts. Jan and Baertje had twelve children baptized at the New Amsterdam/New York Reformed Dutch Church between 1649 and 1668. His name appears in the records in a variety of styles. Baptisms as published in the NYG&BR beginning with vol. 5: 5:93 14 Mar 1649 Abraham; parent: Jan Janszen, Van St. Cubis; sponsors: Hendrick en Tryntie Kip, Janneken Molyns 5:97 27 Apr 1651 Johannes; parent: Jan Janszen Van St. Ubus; sponsors: Jsaac, Tryntie Kip 5:150 13 Jul 1653 Jacob; parents: Jan Janszen Van St. obyn, Baertie Kip; sponsors: Jacob Kip, Catalyntie Hendricks 5:154 21 Mar 1655 Hendrick; parent:Jan Janszen Van St. Obyn; sponsors: Hendrick Kip de Oude, Hendrick Kip de Jonge, Maria De la Montagne 5:180 04 Jul 1657 Anthony; parents: Jan Janszen v. St. obyn, Baertie Hendricks; sponsors: Hendrick Kip, en s.h.v., Jillis Pieterszen 6:44 31 Aug 1659 Robbert; parent: Jan Janszen Van St. Obyn; sponsors Hendrick Kip, Abraham Janszen, Baertje Kip 6:94 30 Sep 1661 Johannes; parents: Jan Van Sara, Baertie Kip; sponsors: Hendrick and Tryntie Kip 6:150 17 Sep 1662 Johannes; parents:Jan Wanshaer Van St. Benen, Baertie Hendricks Kip; sponsors: Hendrick and Tryntie Kip 6:155 05 Dec 1663 Jan; parents:Jan Wanhaer, Baertie Hendricks; sponsors: Hendrick Kip, Evert Duycking 7:71 04 Jul 1666 Carel; parents: Jan Manshaer, Beertie Kip (Manshaer certainly a transcription error for Wanshaer); sponsors: Johannes de Lamontagnie, Olof Stephenszen Van Courtland, Annetje Kip 7:75 13 Jul 1667 Jacomyntie; parents: Jan de Caper, Baertie Kip; sponsors: Hendrick and Femmetie Kip 7:128 10 Oct 1668 Metic; parents: Jan Kipshaven, Baertie Jans (an error); sponsor: Lysbeth Jans Descendants are found with the name Wanshaer, Wanser, Wanzer, Wansor and various other spellings. Jan Janszen was a mariner, I have not found a record of probate or settlement of his estate. William David Wanzer, "History of the Wanzer Family in America..." (Medford, Mass.: Mercury Press, 1920), page 14, states that "Evidently Jan died previous to 1674, as in a tax list published at that date his name does not appear." William D. Wanzer also states that Jan "lived in New Amsterdam on Brouwer Street." Perhaps that can be matched with the taxlot E22 you mention in your query. He was certainly deceased by 12 Dec 1677: Marriages, RDC NA/NY: Banns, 12 Dec 1677: "Jan Dirckszen Meyer, Wedr. Van Tryntje Grevenraet, en Baertje Kip, Wede. Van Jan Wansaert, beyde woonede tot N. Yorke." He was a seafaring man, a skipper, and a pilot....He was somewhat notorious as the pilot of the slaver "Gideon"....Stokes E22.


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