Lot: Patent to West India Company for Eghquaons (Staten Island) (Brooklyn Grants)

Patent to West India Company for Eghquaons (Staten Island)
Lot Group
Brooklyn Grants
Document Type
Date Start
To Party 1 (text)
West India Company
From Party (Text)
Waerhinnis Couwe Nechtan Saccis Mattenouw Taghkoppeeuw Temeren Weertsjan Kekinghame Wewetachamen Minqua Sackingh Nuntuaseeuw Teringh Achspoor Oratam Pennikeck Keghtackaan Keghtakaan Teringh Waerhinnus Couwe Mattenouw
Indigenous Signatories
hereditary owners of Staten Island, Sackis of Tappaan, Taghkoppeauw of Tappaan, Temeren of Gweghkongh, Mattenou of Hespatingh, Waerhinnis Couwee of Hespatingh, Weertsjan of Hackingsack, Kekinghamme of Hackinchsack, Wewetackenne of Hackinghsack, Neckthaa of Hackinghsack, Minquasackyn of Hweghkongh, Terincks of Hweghkongh, Mikanis of Gweghkongh, Mintames Seevio of Gweghkongh, Acchipior of Hweghkongh
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