Ship: Trouw (Faith) - The Faith (De Trouw)

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The Bay of Manhattan, the merchant ship "Trouw" approaches Manhattan in the spring of 1661 by Len Tantillo.

This painting depicts a Dutch West India Company ship Trouw as it approaches Manhattan circa 1660. The larger merchant vessel, carrying new colonists and cargo from the Netherlands, has crossed paths with a small skiff inbound for the Hudson River. Governor Pieter Stuyvesant’s “Great House” and the Church within the walls of Fort Amsterdam are the most prominent skyline buildings in the background.

The Trouw made at least four voyages to New Amsterdam from 1659 to 1664, all under the command of Captain Jan Jansz Bestevaer. On its first recorded voyage the Trouw departed Amsterdam on February 13, 1659, and arrived on May 5, 1659, carrying 98 colonists. On its final voyage the Trouw arrived in Manhattan on April 21, 1664, with only 17 colonists. This painting depicts the spring of 1661.


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