Ship Journey: 1659 - The Faith (De Trouw), December

Ship Name
The Faith (De Trow)
Departure Location
Departure Date
Arrival Date
Ship Journey Information

New Netherland 1621-1664
Immigrants to New Netherland

In the Faith
(De Trouw)
Sailed from Amsterdam December 22, 1659
Captain Jan Jansen Bestevaer
Arrived at New Amsterdam June, 1660

    Adolph Hardenbroeck* - and wife and son 25 years old
    (Peter Rudolphus agrees to pay passage for the son of Adolph Hardenbroeck.)

    Adriaen Huybertsen Sterrevelt* - agriculturist

    Adries Barents (Barentsz, Barentsen) from Twente - wife and nursing child

    Aeltje Jacobsen, (maiden, residing with Paulus Leendertsz
    (Aeltien Jacobsz)

    Albert Gerritsen* from Wageningen

    Christiaen de Lorie* from St. Malo - wife, mother and sister

    Claes Theunissen* from Gorkum - and his servant, and boy

    Claes Tysen cooper, - and wife and two children ages 4 and 7 years
    [Source #83A lists the wife and children only
    Source #86 lists the father and children only]

    Femmetje Hendricksen - maiden
    (Femmetien Hendricksz)

    Gerrit Gerritsen* from Wageningen - and wife and one child 2 years of age

    Gerrit van Manen* from Wageningen

    Hans Coenraet's (Sodurat's) wife, - baker at Fort Orange, and two children

    Harmen Stepfer* (Stefper), from the Dutchy of Cleef
    [Source #77, mentioned, page 431]

    Hendrick Bos* from Leyden - and wife and two children ages 2 and 16 years.

    Hendrick Jansen* from Wageningen

    Hendrick Jansen Spier(s) - wife and two children ages 4 and 5 years
    [Source #83A lists only wife and children]

    Jacob Jansen* from Amersfoort - lives with Elbert Elbertson in Flatlands

    Jan Aertsen* from Amersfoort - lives with Elbert Elbertson in Flatlands
    (Took the Oath of Allegiance in Kings Co., 1687)

    Jan Gerritsen Hagel*

    Jan Harmans (Harmensz), baker
    - and wife and nursing child [per E. B. O'Callaghan Source #86]
    Jan Harman's Wife and her sister [per A.J. Van Laer Source #83A, does not include Jan Harman himself]

    Joost Adriaensen Pynacker* from Delft

    Lammert Huybertsen* from Wageningen - and wife and two children ages 2 and 3 1/2 years

    Leendert Arentsen Groenevelt - and wife

    Lubbert Harmensen* from Overyssel

    Maria Mooris (Moores, Moors) from Arnhem (Aachen) - maiden
    [Source #77, mentioned, page 426.]

    Marten Abrahamsen (Abrahamsz), from Bloemendael - and wife and two children ages 1 and 3 years.

    Philip Langelens* - agriculturist, and wife and two children ages 7 and 10 years

    Roeloft Hendricks from Drenthe, farmhand
    (Roeloff Hendricksz)

    Tys Jansen* from Amersfoort

    Wessel Wesselsen from Munster 1

    Willem Petersen (Pietersz), from Amersfoort, farmer

    William Aertsen* from Wageningen

1According to A.J. Van Laer (Source #83),
this person sailed in The Hope, arriving in January, 1661.

*See notes on The Faith, 1660, According to A. J. Van Laer (Source #83),
the individuals marked arrived in 1660 or 1661 in The Faith.

Sources: #77, #83, #83A, #86