Ship Journey: 1661 - The Faith (De Trouw)

Ship Name
The Faith (De Trow)
Departure Location
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Arrival Date
Ancestors Who Arrived On This Ship Journey
Ship Journey Information

New Netherland 1621-1664
Immigrants to New Netherland

In The Faith
(De Trouw)
Sailed from Amsterdam March 24, 1662
Captain Jan Jansen Bestevaer
Arrived at New Amsterdam June 13, 1662

    Adriaen Aartsen (Aertsen), from Thillerwaerd in Gelderland (from Tielderweert, country around Tiel in Gelderland [Source #83A])

    Adriaen Gerritsen from Utrecht, agriculturist, and wife and five children ages 7, 8, 11, 12 and 13 years

    Adriaen Hendricks from Borculo, agriculturist

    Albert Jansen from Steenwyck, tailor

    Barent Witten Hooft (Wittenhooft), from Munster, tailor - and wife and two children
    [Source #77, mentioned page 435]

    Claes Van Campen (Van Compen), from Oldenburg, farmer's boy

    Harmen Jansen, from Borculo (Berckeloo), farmer - and wife and 2 children ages 3 and 5 years (Brother of William Janz listed below. Ancestor of the Van Barkelo families.
    NYGBR 77:31; 84:70, 196. [Source #83A])

    Hendrick Arentse (Arentsen), from Thillerwaerd in Gelderland, labourer

    Jacob Wouters from Amsterdam

    Jan Gerrits from Emden, labourer (farm laborer from Emderlant, country around Embden)

    Lysbet Harmens from the Triaert (De Tiaert), province of Friesland

    Precilla Homes and her brother 9 years old and an infant

    Reinier Petersen from Steenwyck, agriculturer
    (Reynier Pietersen)

    Stoffel Smet from Reurle (Keurio), agriculturist

    Symon Cornie (Cornier), from France, farmer - and wife
    (He was a corporal at the time of the surrender of New Netherland in 1664 [Source #83A])

    Thomas Harmensen Brouwer(s) from Sevenbergen, farmer

    Willem Jansz from Borculo (Berckeloo), farmer
    (First came to New Netherland by 1658 when he married. On this trip he brought his brother, Harmen Jansen, listed above. Ancestors of the Van Barkelo families. NYGBR 77:31; 84:70, 196. [Source #83A])

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