Ship Journey: 1664 - The Faith (Trouw)

Ship Name
The Faith (De Trow)
Departure Location
Departure Date
Arrival Date
Ship Journey Information

New Netherland 1621-1664
Immigrants to New Netherland

In The Faith
(De Trouw)
Sailed from Amsterdam January 20, 1664
Captain Jan Jansen Bestevaer
Arrived at New Amsterdam April, 1664

    Cornelis Cornelissen Vernoey - and wife and infant

    Evert Tack (Taek), from the Barony of Breda

    Janneken Juriaensen (Juriaensz), from Gorkum (Grevekeur, a fortress in the Province of North Brabant)

    Johannis Hardenbroeck from Elberfeld - and wife Urseltje Duytman, and four children ages 3, 5, 6 and 8 years
    [See Source #77, page 413]

    Lysbet Arensz (Arens), from Amsterdam - and child age 8 years

    Lysbet de Roode from Danzig - wife of John Saline (Salme), and child age 3 years
    [See Source #77, page 428]

    Marcelis Jansen from Bommel - farmer
    (Marcelis Jansen Van Bommel, [Source #84])

    Sara Teunis

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