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Stokes describes this property as a house built by the Chimney Sweep, Pieter Andriessen Schoorsteenweger (1660156), and sold to William Herrick (1660075).

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Individual Willem Harck (ID: 1,660,075) Owner Individual N6_1654-04-17_4
House and Lot Acquired through Marriage Thomas Wandel (ID: 1,660,219) Individual Owner (Joint Owner through Marriage) Owner Individual N6_1661-01-00
House Conveyance January 1, 1670 Individual Grantee N6_1670-01-01
House and Lot Grant or Patent April 17, 1654 Pieter Andriessen (ID: 1,660,008) Individual Grantee N6_1654-04-17_1
House and Lot Sale April 17, 1654 Individual Buyer Individual Buyer Pieter Andriessen (ID: 1,660,008) Seller Individual N6_1654-04-17_2
House and Lot Sale April 17, 1654 Willem Harck (ID: 1,660,075) Individual Grantee Individual Cornelis Steenwyck (ID: 1,660,234) Individual Owner (Grantor) N6_1654-04-17_3
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Pieter Andriessen, Schoorstenveger (chimney-sweep),['] had the grant on which houses Nos. 6 and 7 stand. The westerly half of his grant he sold to Cornelis de Potter and Cornelis Steenwyck, "who transported to William Herrick, of Mespath Kills the said house and lot," April 17, 1654. (Recitals in Patents, IV: 23, Albany.) Evidently, then, the house was built by the chimney-sweep.

Thomas Wandall, having married the widow of Herrick, was confirmed here, as above. In January, 1661, his westerly neighbour, Adriaen van Laer, complained that

whereas he built a house next to Tomas Wandel and Tomas Wandel's house stands on his ground, and he not being here, and not knowing, who is his agent, requests therefore the Court's consent to lay a gutter to catch the dropping from Tomas Wandel's house. The Court allows Arien van Laar to erect a gutter at the expense of the owner. — Rec. N. Am., Ill: 250.

Before 1670, the house belonged to John Cooley, a smith, who was still assessed here in 1677. — Liber Deeds, B: 171; cf. Book of Records of Deeds l^ Transfers (etc.), 1665-1672 (translated), 176-7; M. C. C, I: 56.

Site: No. 37 Stone Street.