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Cornelis Jacobsz
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Arrived c. 1651.  Stokes

Stokes write this biography - "Cornelis Steenwyck was granted the great burgherright in 1657 (Rec. N. Am., VII : 150), and, a year later, married Margareta Riemers, a daughter of "Mother " Drisius, by her first husband.—Marriages in Ref. Dutch Ch., 22. A successful merchant from his first arrival in America, which seems to have been about the year 1651, he dealt in tobacco, salt, and slaves, owning his own ships.—Cal. Hist. MSS., Dutch, 143, 210, 262. His long and varied career of public usefulness began with his first election as schepen, in 1658.—• Rec. N. Am., II: 325. After repeatedly filling this office, Steenwyck served as burgomaster from 1662 to 1665 {ibid., IV : 26; V : 17, 185); was orphan-master in 1661, and afterward; delegate to the provincial assembly in Holland in 1664, etc.—Register of N.Neth., 67; Rec. N. Am., VI : 272, 315. In 1663, Steenwyck lent the needy provincial government 12,000 guilders, for which the four brass cannon in Fort Amsterdam were pledged as security, in a bill drawn on the West India Compan y (Cal. Hist. MSS., Dutch, 254), and there is further testimony of his consistent prosperity. Th e assessors, in 1674, valued his taxable property at the sum of 50,000 florins ($20,000).—N. Y. Col. Docs., II: 699-700. When the surrender of the little city was demanded by Nicolls, Steenwyck was one of those commissioned by Stuyvesant to negotiate with the enemy (Register of N. Neth., 161, 162), and on the 16th of September, 1664, he was one of those "sorrowful and desolate subjects " who informed the directors at home that their town had fallen, and was now called "Torek heretofore named Amsterdam in NewNetherland."—Rec . N.Am.,V: 114-6 . Under the rule of the English, Cornelis Steenwyck became mayor of the Cit y of New Yor k during the years 1668 and 1669 (ibid., VI : 144, 201), and, during Lovelace's absence in Virginia, upon one occasion, in 1671, he was appointed by Lovelace provincial governor, pro tern. Wit h inveterate civic patriotism, the inexhaustible Cornelis commanded a troop of horse in the following year (Exec. Coun. Min., ed. by V. H. Paltsits, II: 636-8), although his services in the field do not seem to have been called for. His wealth in land was prodigious for the day. John Archer mortgaged his lands at Fordham to him in 1669, and again in 1676, which gave him full title and possession of the Manor of Fordham. By his will, made in 1684, and by virtue of certain deeds, the manor at last vested in the Reformed Dutch Church of New York.—Riker's Hist, of Harlem, 308, 437-8; Eccles. Rec, II: 888-90. Cornelis Steenwyck, ill at the time he made his last testament, died in the same year. An inventory of his estate, made two years subsequently, values the dwelling house on Whitehall Street at £700. A fine portrait of Cornelis Steenwyck is in the possession of the N . Y . Hist. Society.—See reproduction in Addenda, Vol. III. On October 2, 1686, his widow was married to her pastor, Domine Henricus Selyns.— Marriages in Ref. Dutch Ch., 61."



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1.  Granted Great Burgher Right in 1657; Dealt in tobacco, salt, and slaves owning his own ships.; Schepen in 1658; Burgomaster 1662-1665; Orphan Master -1661.
2.  Steenwijck, Cornelis Jacobsz. (1626-1684), merchant; born Haarlem, Holland, son of Jacob Steenwijck; arrived in New Amsterdam, 1652; made New Amsterdam Great Burgher, Apr. 18, 1657; married Margaretta De Riemer, June 5, 1658; landowner, including Fordham manor; New Amsterdam schepen, 1658; burgomaster, 1664; mayor of New York City, 1669; Dutch Reformed Church elder, 1681; died New York City, 1684

1. Stokes
2.  David Voorhees, Jacob Leisler Papers