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Gysbert Teunissen van Barnevelt (1660180) was listed as a farmer.  As a result, we have modeled this house as a farmer's house.  TD

Here are the dimensions used in creating the 3D model of this house:

Width (Frontage on the Street) - 15'10"
Length - 29' 8.1"
Height from finished floor to beginning of roof line - 7' 9"
Interior Height from floor to ceiling - 7'8"
Roof Height from floor level to top peak of roof - 20'4"

The measurements were researched by Len Tantillo

Tax Lot Events
Document(s) Property Type Taxlot Event Type Date To Party 1 Entity Description (to party 1) Party Role In Transaction (to party 1) To Party 2 Entity Description (to party 2) Party Role In Transaction (to party 2) From Party 1 Party Role In Transaction (from party 1) Entity Description (from party 1) From Party 2 Entity Description (from party 2) Party Role In Transaction (from party 2) References Title
Land Grant or Patent Jochim Calder (ID: 1,660,029) Individual Grantee N5_1645-00-00
Land Inheritance January 1, 1659 Magdalena Waele (ID: 660,047) Individual Inheritor (Owner) Jochim Calder (ID: 1,660,029) Owner Individual N5_1659-01-01
Land Acquired through Marriage March 1, 1659 Gysbert Teunissen van Barnevelt (ID: 1,660,180) Individual Inheritor (Owner) Magdalena Waele (ID: 660,047) Owner Individual N5_1659-03-01
Land Sale July 9, 1663 Individual Buyer Gysbert Teunissen van Barnevelt (ID: 1,660,180) Seller Individual Magdalena Waele (ID: 660,047) Seller N5_1663-07-09
Land Individual Owner N5_1667-00-00
Land Sale Individual Buyer Seller Individual N5_1672-00-00
Full Stokes Entry (See images below)
ochim Calder, who was the patentee here in 1645, was dead before 1659. He left his wife, Magdalena Waele, with five children. On the first of March, 1659, marriage banns were published for Madelena Wale and Gysbert Teunissen, of Barnevelt, who already had four children. — Marriages in Ref. Dutch Ch., 23; Min. oj Orph. Court, I: 79. Both husbands were Long Island farmers. — Cal. Hist. MSS., Dutch, 46; Rec. N. Am., IH: 291. Gysbert and Magdaleena sold their house, July 9, 1663, to Joghem, the baker, who was confirmed as Jochem Backer, in 1667. — Patents, IL 67 (Albany).

Jochem Wesselsen, baker, sold it to Jacob Abrahamsen (Santfoord) , the shoemaker, in 1672. — Liher Deeds, B: 197; cf. Book of Records of Deeds y Transfers (etc.), 1665-1672 (translated), 221-2. The Santford, or Van Santfoord, family retained it for nearly a century.- — Liber Deeds, XL: 533-5.

The vacant lot adjoining — part of Calder's grant — was purchased, still unimproved, April 5, 1660, by Adriaen van Laer. (Recitals in Patents, IH: 23, Albany). On it he built a house, before January 18, 1661. — Rec. N. Am., Ill: 250. (See No. 6, infra.)