Michael Jansen
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Arrived in Net Wapen Van Noorwegen; departing from Holland 1638-08-04 Stokes.

See Ship Journeys -  Michiel Jansz - From Schrabbekercke ('s Heer Abtskerke in the province of Zeeland); came with his wife and two servants by het Wapen van Noorwegen in 1638. He was originally engaged as farm hand, but before his departure from Holland was promoted to farmer; he served as foreman in 1638 and 1639, and from 1640 to 1646 was farmer on the farm called de Hoogeberch. July 27, 1646, he received permission to leave the colony and to reside at the Manhatans, on condition that his accounts be settled. Oct. 8, 1648, the court ordered him to prepare a full statement of his accounts by Saturday next, or sooner, "if his voyage should thereby be delayed." Oct. 10, a similar order was issued and a few days later Director van Slichtenhorst asked that the court impose on Michiel Jansz the penalty of death or such other sentence as it shall see fit for the sale of ammunition to Indians during the war, together with a fine of f50 for beavers sent to Fort de Hoop, 1644, without paying duty. May 29, 1649, the court once more ordered Michiel Jansz to render a detailed account and July 27, 1650, he was asked to sign the account rendered by him.

Ship Journeys - Wapen van Noorwegen - 1638