Ship Journey: 1650 - New Netherland Fortune

Ship Name
New Netherland Fortune
Departure Location
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Ship Journey Information

New Netherland 1621-1664
Immigrants to New Netherland

New Netherland Fortune
Departed Amsterdam August, 1650
Skipper, Daniel Machielsen

    Cornelis Melyn1

    Francis Deckersen2 (Deckers), supercargo of the ship.
    "a cousin of Mr. van der Hoolck, member of the States-General for the Province of Utrecht and also member of the committee of their High Might; for all matter concerning the W. I. Company and especially New Netherland. As he is a man very well inclined towards the W. I. Company, we cannot refuse his request, that his cousin should be supercargo of the ship for the outward voyage only and that you should appoint him there to any position under the Company, which may become vacant and for which he is fitted.2

    Johannes Dyckmart,3 (Dyckman), bookkeepper

    Michiel Bergier,4 of Angouleme, a servant of Cornelis Melyn

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