Ship Journey: 1648 - Falconer (Valckenier)

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Falconer (Valckenier)
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New Netherland 1621-1664
Immigrants to New Netherland

Sailed from New Amsterdam April 7, 1648
Skipper, Willem Thomassen
Arrived New Amsterdam June, 1648

    Teuntge Juriaensen
    "We have given permission to Teuntge Juriaensen, who goes over with a large family, to take with her 12 guns, 50 lbs. of powder and as much lead for the defense of her family in time of need..."
    [It is possible this person sailed on the ship "Pgnappel", as these two ships departed together, the Pgnappel arriving in July, 1648; Skipper Peter Cornelissen Costelyck.]

1Documents relating to the Colonial History of New York, B. Fernow, (c)1883, vol XIV, pg 86.

Beaver pelts:
"...some fifty-five hundred pelts were shipped in the Valckenier for the firm Verbrugge, while the same ship carried a further two thousand pieces for the WIC."  The Colony of New Netherland, Jaap Jacobs, p110.

The Colony of New Netherland, Jaap Jacobs:

The ship was owned by Verbrugge, et al.

Skipper was Willem Tomasz

Van den Hout, Julie. "Voyages of New Netherland."