Ship Journey: 1637 - Herring (Harrinck), bound for Rensselaerswyck

Ship Name
Harrinck (Herring)
Departure Location
Departure Date
Arrival Date
Ship Journey Information

New Netherland 1621-1664
Immigrants to New Netherland

In the Harinck
Sailed from the Texel shortly after September 21, 1637
Arrived at New Amsterdam, March 28, 1638

    Claes Jansz (Ruyter)
    From Naerden, (province of North Holland); also referred to as Claes Jansz Ruyter, and as Claes de Ruijter; was a house carpenter by trade and 33 years of age in 1636. Aug 26, 1636, he entered, jointly with Pieter Cornelisz and Albert Andriesz, into an agreement with the patroon for the erection of a sawmill in the colony, but for some reason failed to accompany his partners on the Rensselaerswyck in 1636, and sailed by den Harinck [Herring] in Sept. 1637. In May 1640, he and his wife Pietertje Jans were apparently living at the Manhatans. He is credited in the accounts with 60 weeks' board of Arent van Curler.

    Frans Altersz
    Cooper; sailed by den Harinck [Herring], Sept. 1637, in the stead of Jan Willemsz Schut. His board on the ship is charged to Symon Walichsz. He is credited with wages for 39 months and 15 days, at f14 a month, beginning April 27, 1638, and is charged with supplies till 1642. Nov. 20, 1644, a bill of Frans Altersz, for cooper's work, signed by Symon Walichsz, is sent to Arent van Curler, then on his way to Holland.

    Jacob Jansz
    From Campen (Kampen, in the province of Overyseel); carpenter; generally referred to as Jacob Jansz flodder; appears first in the accounts of the colony as knecht (helper or servant) of Claes Jansz Ruyter and not unlikely sailed with him on den Harinck [Herring], in Sept. 1637. In the spring of 1642 he was at Amsterdam and applied to the patroon for permission to do carpenter work in the colony; the same year he is in the accounts charged with supplies. In 1647 he had a saw- and gristmill in Greenbush which on Nov. 18, 1649, was leased to Evert Pels and Willem Fredericksz. From 1653 to 1654 he appears as lessee of a mill at Bethlehem and Feb. 2, 1654, he obtained the lease of the saw- and gristmill on the fifth creek, for the term of eight years, beginning May 18, 1654. In the first two volumes of deeds in the Albany county clerk's office, he is referred to as Jacob Jansz Gardenier, alias Flodder.

    Olof Stevenson
    Brother-in-law of Govert Loockermans, went out in the year 1637 in the ship Herring as a soldier in the service of the Company. He was promoted by Director Kieft and finally made commissary of the shop.

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