Pietersen Haring
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Pietersz, Pieterzen, Pietersen Hering, Peterson Hering, Pietersen Haaring, Pietersen Having
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Birth date under review, 1630's,
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Jan Pieterszen Haring was the son of Pieter Cornelisz. Hering Metselaer from Barsingerhorn, near Schagen, this family relocating to Hoorn in or earlier than 1645. This is new information that corrects a previous account of Jan’s baptism in 1633 in Hoorn, son of a Pieter Janz. Emigrating to New Amsterdam c.1660, Jan Pieterszen Haring in 1662 married Margrietje Cosyns, daughter of wheelwright Cosyn Gerritszen van Putten and is identified as a wheelwright himself in Peter R.  and Florence A. Christoph, eds., The Andros Papers, 3 vols., Vol. I, 1674-1676, pp. 349-350. Jan, bolstered in 1680 by an inheritance from his brother in Hoorn, led a group of Dutch families in New Amsterdam in a joint venture to acquire what became known as the Tappan Patent, 16,000 acres of land in today’s Rockland and Bergen counties. Samuel Edsall served as translator in the negotiations with the Tappaen Indians. 


The name Jan Pietersen was very common in New Netherland, with at least 6 individuals in New Amsterdam answering to that name in the same time period.   As research continues, please know that updates will be forthcoming for all the Jan Pietersens.

Source: Firth H. Fabend, “Jan Pietersen Haring, 1633-1683, Sightings and Connections in Hoorn, New Amsterdam, New York and New Jersey,” South of the Mountains, October-December 2007, pp. 3-22; and Fabend, “JPH: A Corrective Note,” ibid, January-March 2020, pp. 3-7; and ibid., July-September 2020, p. 18

"Jan Pieterszen Haring: A Corrective Note," South of the Mountains (New City, NY: Historical Society of Rockland County), 64:1 (January-March, 2020), 3-7. Corrections made necessary by new information from the Netherlands. Further corrections in ibid., 64:3, 18.

The illustration above is:
Wheelwright (Wagenmaker)
Jan Luyken


Old entry - please see corrections above.   Jan Pietersen Haring, a wheelwright, may have arrived in New Amsterdam some time during or after 1654.  He married Grietje Cosyns in 1662. During the years from 1664 to 1681, Jan Pietersen Haring and Grietje Cosyns had seven children. In 1680 Jan Pietersen Haring to put together a group of ten families, including  his own, to acquire the Tappan Patent, 16,000 acres of land.  He died before the patent was officially granted in 1683.    Please see the article by Dr. Firth Haring Fabend below for a detailed biography.


Jan Pietersen Haring 1633-1683 by Dr. Firth Haring Fabend

Jan Pietersen Haring, Sightings in the Archives and Records was published by South of the Mountains, the quarterly magazine of the Historical Society of Rockland County