Andriessen (Bradt)
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Arrived in New Amsterdam in 1636. Stokes.

Albert Andriesz  - From Frederikstad (in the southwest of Norway); hence in the early records, his designation as Noorman. After 1670, he became known as Albert Andriesz Bradt. August 26, 1636, he joined Pieter Cornelisz and Claes Jansz in an agreement with the patroon for the erection of a mill in the colony. In this agreement he is given as tobacco planter, 29 years of age. He sailed with his wife Annetje Barents on the Rensselaerswyck, Oct. 8, 1636 and appears first in the colony under the date of April 17, 1637. Soon after his arrival he left Pieter Cornelisz and established himself as tobacco planter. From May 4, 1652, to May 4, 1672, he is charged with an annual rent of f250 for two mills and land on the Normans Kill. Annetje Barents died before June 5, 1662, leaving him eight children of whom the eldest was born November 2, 1636, on the ship Rensselaerswyck [see Captains Log] and named Storm, baptized in England. This son later adopted the name of Van der Zee. Albert Andriesz married the second time Geertruy Pietersz Vosburgh. He is said to have died June 7, 1686.

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Ship Journeys - 1636 - Rensselaerswyck 

Described in Stokes as a 'general trader'.