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Medallion given to Sarah Rapelje on occasion of her marriage to Hans Hansen Bergen, 1639. Later inserted into tankard, donated by descendants to Brooklyn Museum of Art, 1926

Sara Rapelye (b. 1625-d.before 1687), first-born child of Catalina Tricot and Joris Jansen Rapelye, married at the age of 14 or 15  to Hansen Hans Bergen, with whom she had eight children. Hans died in 1653, and Catalina married second Teunis Gysbert Bogaert, with whom she had seven more children. Marriage was permitted by Dutch law for females at age 12, but before age 20 they were required to have written permission from their parent or guardian.


Sara Rapelje was born at Fort Orange in June, 1625, the daughter of Catelyn Trico and George (Joris) Rapalje. History of Huguenot Immigration to America, Charles W. Baird, 1885, I, p 172

In 1639 Sara married Hans Hansen Bergen, a ship carpenter from Bergen, Norway, who arrived in New Amsterdam in 1633.  They had 8 children.

In 1654 Sara remarried, this time to Teunis Gysbertse Bogaert, and together they had 7 more children.

She died in 1685 in Boswijck, a village that became the modern Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. By the time Sara Rapelje died, the New Netherland colony had been ceded to the English in 1664, and was rebranded the Province of New York.

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