Place: Brooklyn, NY (Breuckelen)

Founding Name
The settlement on the East River opposite Manhattan on today’s Long Island, called by the Dutch Breukelen after a town in the Netherlands, was originally inhabited by Lenape Indians, known to the Dutch as the Canarsie. The Dutch, between 1645 and 1661, formed six towns under Dutch West India Company charters. In addition to Breukelen (Brooklyn), these were, as Anglicized, Gravesend, Flatlands, Flatbush, New Utrecht, and Bushwick.
Current Location(s)
To be determined.
Chosen Name
Full Name
Breuckelen Stad
Founding Date (text)
End Date (text)
Date of Establishment (text)
We the Director & Council aforesaid, hereby authorize...
Jurisdiction Type
Nieuw Nederlandt
Boundary Events
Name at the time Change Start Date End Date Boundary Event
Breuckelen Town chartered 1646-05-21 1662-04-23 Brooklyn_Breuckelen_1646-05-21_1662-04-23
Breuckelen Claimed by Connecticut by royal charter. 1662-04-23 1664-03-12 Brooklyn_Breuckelen_1662-04-23_1664-03-12
Breuckelen Assigned to Yorkshire shire 1664-03-12 1683-11-01 Brooklyn_Breuckelen_1664-03-12_1683-11-01
Breuckelen Assigned to Kings County 1683-11-01 1686-05-03 Brooklyn_Breuckelen_1683-11-01_1686-05-03
Brookland Name changed from Breuckelen 1686-05-03 1789-04-01 Brooklyn_Brookland_1686-05-03_1789-04-01
Brooklyn Recognized as a town by state law. 1789-04-01 1824-11-24 Brooklyn_Brooklyn_1789-04-01_1824-11-24
Brooklyn Brooklyn gained in East River, Upper New York Bay 1824-11-24 1834-04-08 Brooklyn_Brooklyn_1824-11-24_1834-04-08
Brooklyn Brooklyn incorporated as a city. 1834-04-08 1854-04-17 Brooklyn_Brooklyn_1834-04-08_1854-04-17
Brooklyn Brooklyn gained by annexation of Bushwick and Williamsburgh 1854-04-17 1886-05-13 Brooklyn_Brooklyn_1854-04-17_1886-05-13
Brooklyn Brooklyn annexed New Lots 1886-05-13 1894-04-25 Brooklyn_Brooklyn_1886-05-13_1894-04-25
Brooklyn Brooklyn annexed Flatbush 1894-04-25 1894-05-03 Brooklyn_Brooklyn_1894-04-25_1894-05-03
Brooklyn Brooklyn annexed Gravesend & New Utrecht 1894-05-03 1896-01-01 Brooklyn_Brooklyn_1894-05-03_1896-01-01
Brooklyn Brooklyn annexed town of Flatlands 1896-01-01 1898-01-01 Brooklyn_Brooklyn_1896-01-01_1898-01-01
Brooklyn Brooklyn annexed to New York City 1898-01-01 1915-04-28 Brooklyn_Brooklyn_1898-01-01_1915-04-28
Brooklyn Brooklyn gained from Queens 1915-04-28 1917-05-08 Brooklyn_Brooklyn_1915-04-28_1917-05-08
Brooklyn Brooklyn gained from Queens 1917-05-08 1925-04-11 Brooklyn_Brooklyn_1917-05-08_1925-04-11
Brooklyn Brooklyn exchanged with Queens 1925-04-11 1931-04-03 Brooklyn_Brooklyn_1925-04-11_1931-04-03
Brooklyn Brooklyn exchanged with Queens 1931-04-03 9999-12-31 Brooklyn_Brooklyn_1931-04-03_9999-12-31
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