Ship Journey: 1662 - Hope (De Hoop)

Ship Name
Hope (De Hoop)
Departure Location
Departure Date
Arrival Date
Ancestors Who Arrived On This Ship Journey
Ship Journey Information

New Netherland 1621-1664
Immigrants to New Netherland

In the Hope
Sailed from Amsterdam April 8, 1662
Captain Pieter Emilius
Arrived at New Amsterdam June, 1662

    Abel Hardenbroeck, and wife and child age 4 years,
    and servant named Casper Overcamp
    (Abel was a brother of the Margaret who in 1662 married Frederick Philipse, carpenter, later a multi-millionaire. [Source #83A])

    Adriaen Vincian from Tournay, agriculturer - wife and three children ages 5, 12 and 16 years

    Albert Buer from Gulick (Julick)
    [Source #77, mentioned page 403]

    Annetje Gillis from Beest, servant girl

    Annetje Hendricks
    (Annetie Hendricx), wife of Jan Evertsen shoemaker in New Netherland, and five children ages 6, 7, 9, 12, and 14 years

    Balthaser de Vos from Utrecht, farmer - and wife

    Cornelis Dircksen Hooglant, agriculturer - and wife, and son 24 years old and daughter 2 years

    Dirck Jansen from Bommelderweert (Country around Zalt Bommel) - and two children

    Gerrit Hargerinck (Herregrens), from Newenhuys (Niewenhuys), and two sons ages 9 and 15 years
    (Gerrit lived at Fort Orange, his son Christiaen, lived with Jacob Backer)
    (Gerret Herregrens sued for wages in 1662 (Dutch Records of Kingston, p 37, 45)
    [Source #83A]

    Gerrit Jacobsen from Meppel, agriculturist

    Harmtje Barents from Meppel, maiden

    Hendrick Aldertsen from the Thillerwaerd, farmer - and two children

    Jacob Jansen from New Netherland, farmer - and wife and three children

    Jan Barentsen from Meppel, agriculturist - and wife and five children ages 3, 5, 8 and 12 years, one an infant

    Jan Bastiaens (Van Gustenhoven)1

    Jan Petersen (Pieterson), from Deventer, tailor - and wife and three children ages 4, 6 and 9 years

    Jan Spiegelaer, and wife

    Jan Timmer from Gorkum - and wife

    Jochem Engelburgh (Engelbergh) from Heusden (Heussen)
    [(Van Namen), See Revised History of Harlem, James Riker, (c) 1904, page 303]

    Lubbert Lubbertsen from Meppel, agriculturist - and wife and four children ages 9, 13, and 17 years, one an infant

    Luytje Gerrits from Friesland - agriculturist

    Peckle Dircksen (Dircken), from Friesland, farmer

    Willem Lubbertsen from Meppel, agriculturist - and wife and six children ages 4, 7, 9, 16 and 19 years, one an infant

    Willem Pietersen de Groot (De Groot), and wife and five chidren ages 1 1/2, 3, 4, 7 and 9 years

1 Correspondence of Jeremias Van Rensselaer, (c)1932, p 283.

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