Ship Journey: 1661 - St. John Baptist

Ship Name
St. John Baptist (St. Jan Baptist)
Departure Location
Departure Date
Arrival Date
Ship Journey Information

New Netherland 1621-1664
Immigrants to New Netherland

In the St. John Baptist
(St. Jean Baptist)
Sailed from Amsterdam May 9, 1661
Captain Jan Bergen
Arrived at New Amsterdam August 6, 1661

    Aerent Teunissen from Amsterdam - and wife and two children ages 4 and 7 years

    Andries Imans from Leyden

    Annetje van Denen (Genen), from Emden (Sinden)

    Claes Jansen (Jansz), from Uithoorn - and wife and child 1 1/4 years of age

    Cornelis Dircksen Vos from Leirdam (Leerdam), and wife, mother and two children ages 2 1/2 and 1 1/4 years

    Geertje Samsons from Weesp

    Gerrit Gerritsen (Gerritsz), from Besevenn (Besecum)

    Gerrit Hendricksen from Zwoll (Swoll)

    Gommert Paulessen (Paulussen), from Antwerp

    Jacob Abrahamsen Santvoort
    [See Source #77, page 428]

    Jan Jeuriaensen from Duchy of Cleef, died on the way over [Source #83A]

    Jan Theunissen from Amsterdam - and wife and two children ages 1 1/4 and 4 years

    Jan Willemsen from the Loosdrecht - and wife and two sons ages 13 and 19 years

    Myndert Coerten from Arnhem
    [See Revised History of Harlem, James Riker, (c) 1904, page 189-190]

    Peter (Pieter) Bielliou from Walslant* (Pays de vaud) - and wife and four children ages 2 1/2, 6, 7 and 9 years
    [(Billiou), See Revised History of Harlem, James Riker, (c) 1904, page 184]

    Tys Barentsen (Barentsz), from Leirdam (Leerdam), and wife and three children ages 1 1/4, 10 and 15 years

    Walraven Luten from Flanders - and wife and infant

* * * * * * *

    In this ship came also the following workmen of Michiel Muyden, but crossed out carefully in the original document, and no notation made to the reason why: [Source 83A]

    Andries Andriesen

    Dirck Mol

    Govert Andriaensen

    Jan Roeloffsz

    Jacob Roeloffsz

    Laurens Govertsz (died on the way over)

    Roeloff Govertsz

    Teunis Andriesen

*Walslant - Walloon Country, now southern Belgium and northern France.

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