Ship Journey: 1659 - Market Gardener (Moesman)

Ship Name
Market Gardener (Moesman)
Departure Location
Departure Date
Arrival Date
Ship Journey Information

New Netherland 1621-1664
Immigrants to New Netherland

In The Market Gardener
Sailed from Amsterdam April 25, 1659
Captain Jacob Jansen Staets
Arrived in New Amsterdam August, 1659

    Adriaen Vincent**

    Aertje (Artie) Leenders from Amsterdam, widow - lives at Fort Orange

    Albert Petersen*, mason

    Barent Van Loo from Elburg

    Dirck Belet from Breda, cooper. Fare paid for by Director Stuyvesant.

    Engelbrecht Sternhuysen from Soest, tailor
    [Source #77, mentioned, pg 430]

    Geerty (Geertruyt) Claesen*

    Gerrit Cornelis Van Niewkerk - and wife and boy 12 years old, and nursing child
    (Gerrit Corn. van Niew-Kerk)

    Gerrit Petersen* (Pietersen)

    Gillis Mandeville* (Mandeiville)
    (Ancestor of the Mandeville families. See Riker's Harlem, pg 111.)

    Jacob Hendricksen Haen,** painter

    Louis Aertz from Bruges, planter

    Lysbeth Arents wife of Cornelis Barents (Barentsen), and daughter 3 years of age

    Peter Petersen, alias Pia (alias Para, [Source #84]) from Picardy,
    (Pieter Pietersen)
    and wife and daughter 6 years of age

    Thys Jansen from Gooiland (TerGouw) - region between Naarden and Hilversum, agriculturist

    Willem Jansen from Rotterdam, fisherman, lives at Fort Orange - wife and nursing child and maid servant. (This girl left him and lives at Fort Orange, [Source #83A])

*A. J. Van Laer in Source #83 states that "these individuals, neither the ship nor year is mentioned", and are listed at the end of this ship in the account books.
**additional names to *, Source #83A.
Source: #77, #83, #83A, #86