Ship Journey: 1654 - Sainte Catherine

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Sainte Catherine (St. Catrina)
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Captain Jacques de la Motthe

23 Jewish Refugees from Dutch Brazil (Recife).

The New Amsterdam History Center makes a point of presenting different points of view about  history. 

See the book   " The Diary of Asser Levy" by Daniela Weil  to see a fiction / non fiction book with a  new theory on the full course of this ship and the arrival of Asser Levy in New Amsterdam.

The ship picked up Jewish refugees from Recife near Jamaica, and in 9-7-1654 it arrived in New Amsterdam.   The idea presented in this book is that Asser Levy may have come to New Amsterdam on this ship.     Captain La Motthe sued Asser Levy  more than once for  the fare of the travellers on this ship, thus supporting the notion that he traveled on the St. Catherine. 

For a contrasting viewpoint, see Noah Gelfand's article for De Halve Maen in which Asser Levy arrives on the Perreboom 8-22-1654 along with Jacob Barsimon and Solomon Pietersen.

We don't actually know for sure how Asser Levy came to New Amsterdam, perhaps more evidence will become available in future.