Ship Journey: 1650 - Hunter (Jaager)

Ship Name
Hunter (Jaager)
Departure Location
Departure Date
Arrival Date
Ship Journey Information

New Netherland 1621-1664
Immigrants to New Netherland

Departed Amsterdam August, 1650

    Warner Fransen, with wife and children
    "As supercargo of the ship Jaager goes out, Warner Fransen, who has faithfully served the Company for a long period. ...intending to seek his fortune there and has requested us, to be given command of one of our yachts, when a vacancy occurred, thinking that he could serve the Company well, as he knows all the harbors, bays and rivers there [in New Netherland]".1

    In a letter to Peter Stuyvesant from the Directors of the West Indies Company, the following is stated:
    "Many free people have taken passage on these two ships, the "Fortuyn" and the "Jaager," as per enclosed lists2; we desire, that you may alot to each according to his capacities and family sufficient quantities of land, where they choose.... It looks, as if, many people will come over by every ship and as we cannot but presume, that the welfare of the country depends on the population, we desire, that you shall accommodate all newcomers as well as possible and above all govern the people with the utmost caution and leniency..."3

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2The translator, B. Fernow, has many times indicated the non-existence of attachments and lists to these colonial letters.
3Documents relating to the Colonial History of New York, B. Fernow, (c)1883, vol XIV, pg 127.126.