Ship Journey: 1641 - King David, bound for Rensselaerswyck

Ship Name
King David
Departure Location
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Arrival Date
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Immigrants to New Netherland

In The King David
(Coninck David)
Sailed from Amsterdam July 23, 1641
Arrived at New Amsterdam November 29, 1641

    Govert Janse Lookermans
    Brother-in-law of Jacob van Couwenhoven, went to New Netherland in 1633, as cook's mate in the yacht St. Martyn; was taken by Wouter van Twiller into the Company's service; having realized some profit in it, he became a freeman, and finally took charge of the trade of Gillis Vergruggen and company, in New Netherland. (Source #78)
    [Govert Loockermans and wife, returning to New Netherland; Per log of the ship King David, a child was born in the morning of November 3, 1641 to Govert Loockermans and Ariaentje Jans; daughter, Marritje, (baptized December, 1641, NY Dutch Reformed Church, Baptisms 1:12) Van Rensselaer Bowier Mss, (c)1908, pg 597.]

Persons to the Colony of Rensselaerswyck:

    Antony de Hooges
    Was engaged as underbookkeeper and assistant to Arent van Curler, and sailed from the Texel by den Coninck David, July 30, 1641. He reached New Amsterdam Nov. 29, 1641, but apparently did not arrive in the colony till April 10, 1642, being credited from that date till april 10, 1644, with a salary of f150 a year. From van Curler's departure for Holland, in Oct. 1644, till van Slichtenhorst's arrival on March 22, 1648, he was entrusted with the business management of the colony; from the latter date till his death, on or about Oct. 11, 1655, he held the offices of secretary and gecommitteerde. In the accounts, he is credited, from May 11, 1652, to Oct. 11, 1655, with a salary of f360 a year as secretary, and for the same period with a salary of f100 as gecommitteerde, also with f56, for salary as voorleeser (reader in the church) during two months and one week in 1653. In a petition for salary, March 27, 1648, he states that he has been for more than six years in the service of the patroon and for four years has not received any salary; that he has now been entrusted with a new office without any mention of salary; and that he must have a house built inasmuch as the storehouse, assigned to him for a dwelling, has been turned into a church. He married, in Oct. 1647, a daughter of Albert Andriesz, named Eva, who on Aug. 13, 1657, became the wife of Roelof Swartout.

    Geertje Nannincks, widow of Tjerck Hendricksz
    Came with her son and little daughter by den Coninck David, in 1641. She was the widow of Tjerck Hendricksz and married, Dec. 28, 1641, at New Amsterdam, Abel Reddenhasen; July 21, 1646, also at New Amsterdam, Claes Jansz Rust and about 1648, apparently in the colony of Rensselaerswyck, Willem Fredericksz (Bout). She is charged in the accounts of the colony, under date of 1642, with f142:6 for board of herself and two children on den Coninck David, which amount is transferred to the account of her husband Willem Fredericksz between 1648 and 1651.

    Jan Teunisz from Leyden
    From Leyden, carpenter; sailed by den Coninck David at the end of July 1641, but does not appear in the colony till 1642. He left probably about 1646.

    Jan Verbeeck from Breda
    From Breda, (province of North Brabant), tailor; was to sail by den Coninck David with his wife, child and maid servant, but in the accounts of the colony is charged with passage of himself, wife and child only. His account begins in 1642; he probably spent the winter at the Manhatans. Oct. 22, 1648, he was indebted to the amount of f737:9:8, which he promised to pay promptly in five installments on condition that the first year, 1649-50, he should be free from ground rent for his lot in the bijeenwoninge (village). He failed to fulfill his agreement and accordingly is charged with an annual rent of f32 from 1649. His house stood in Greenbush and was in 1658 taken over by Jan Baptist van Rensselaer. April 30, 1648, the court of Rensselaerswyck granted the petition of Jan Verbeeck and Jan Michielsz for the exclusive right to exercise their trade as tailors with one helper (Jacob Teunisz), at wages of 36 stivers a day each for themselves and 30 stivers a day for the helper. Jan Verbeeck was appointed Gerechts persoon (member of the court) of Rensselaerswyck on January 5, 1651, and took the oath on January 12th.

    Jannitgen Tuenisz
    Sailed by den Coninck David and is charged in the accounts of the colony, under date of 1642, with f16:2 for her passage and money in hand paid by patroon. She married at the Manhatans Dec. 22, 1641, Dirck Jansz (Croon), from Amsterdam, and Nov. 6, 1642, was sued by van der Donck for not fulfilling her contract with the patroon. She probably came to the colony with Croon about 1650.

    Lucas Smit
    From Johannisburg, in the district of Gumbinnen, East Prussia; arrived at New Amsterdam, by den Coninck David, Nov. 29, 1641, and at once entered the service of Domine Bogardus. Aug. 13, 1642, he came to Rensselaerswyck and from that date til May 1, 1644, was employed at the patroon's house at wages of f100 a year. From May 1, 1644, to April 13, 1646, he served as a farm laborer on de Vlackte and also as a clerk, at a yearly salary of f200. He left the colony in 1646, with a testimonial of good conduct from Antony de Hooges.
    [See Also Source #77, page 430]

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