Ship Journey: 1628 - Three Kings and Arms of Amsterdam

Ship Name
Three Kings and Arms of Amsterdam
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Immigrants to New Netherland

Three Kings
Arms of Amsterdam
Sailed from Amsterdam January 24, 1628
Captain Evert Croeger
Arrived in New Netherland April 4, 1628

Pieter Lawrensen came in the year 1628 as a servant to the West India Company. In the year 1630, he and seven more were sent in a sloope to the Delaware.
The above information was given in a deposition, dated 1685 at his age of 67 years.

Reverend Jonas Michaelius
[from a letter1 dated August 11, 1628 from the island of Manhatens, which states he and his family arrived in New Netherland in 1628 ...the letter reads as follows:]
"....first to unburden myself in this communication of a sorrowful circumstance, it pleased the Lord, seven weeks after we arrived in this country, to take from me my good partner, who had been to me, for more than sixteen years, a virtuous, faithful, and altogether amiable yoke-fellow; and I now find myself alone with three children, very much discommoded, without her society and assistance.
(Two daughters and a son, Jan, whom he had placed in the house and custody of skipper Jan Jansen Brouwer.)
The voyage was long, namely, from the 24th of January till the 7th of April, when we first set foot on land here."

Return voyages
Sailed from New Netherland August 19, 1628
Arrived in Amsterdam October, 1628

Ship: Three Kings
Captain Jan Jacobsz of Wieringh
- - - - - -
Ship: Arms of Amsterdam
Captain Adriaen Joris

Two ships arrive in The Netherlands, dispatched by Commander Minuit, with ten thousand peltries and a large quantity of timber, fit for the building of the vessels which are shortly to be launched.

* * * * * * *

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