Ship Journey: 1626 - Sea-gull (het Meeutje, sea-mew)

Ship Name
Sea-gull (het Meeutje, sea-mew)
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This ship brought Peter Minuit, the first Director General of New Netherland who bought Manhattan Island from the Indians.

(het Meeutje, sea-mew)
Sailed from Amsterdam December 19, 1625
Left Texel January 9, 1626
Skipper Adriaen Joris
Arrived New Netherland May 4, 1626

Pieter Minuit1, arrives who now sends for his wife tither.

John Huyck,2 brother-in-law of Peter Minuit.

* * * * * * *

    1Pieter Minuit, born of Huguenot parentage in 1580 in Wesel, west Germany, was made director general of New Netherland in December 1625, arrived in May 1626, bought Manhattan Island of the Indians that summer and remained in office till recalled early in 1632. In 1636-37 he made arrangements with Blommaert and the Swedish government, in consequence of which he conducted the first Swedish Colony to Delaware Bay, landing there in the spring of 1638, and establishing New Sweden on territory claimed by the Dutch. During the ensuing summer he perished in a hurricane at St. Christopher in the West Indies.

    2History of Cornelis Maessen Van Buren, H. C. Peckham, 1913, p 287.

From the "Historiaeh Verhael" by Nicolaes Van Wassenaer 1621-1632, in
Documentary History of the State of New York, E. B. O'Callaghan,
1849, Vol. III pg 34-48. Also in Narratives of New Netherland, edited by J. F. Jameson, 1909, pg 61-90.