Ship Journey: 1626 - Arms of Amsterdam

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Arms of Amsterdam
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Immigrants to New Netherland

Arms of Amsterdam
Sailed from Amsterdam shortly before May 15
Arrived in New Netherland July 27, 1626

Isaac de Rasiere arrives as Koopman (Chief Commissary) and Secretary of the Province under Director Minuit.

In a letter to the Directors of the Amsterstam Chamber West Indies Company, de Rasiere reports on his voyage:
"I advised the honorable gentlemen of our arrival in Plymouth on the 15th of May and of our departure thence on the 22nd, in company of the five East India yachts, with whom we remained until the 29th ditto, in latitude 42½°. As the weather was rough, with a southeast wind, and we were quite as swift as they, we were separated from each other until June 5th, when in latitude 37° 50', we saw sails. Thinking that they were Spaniards and being to the weather-side of them, we ran down to them, but seeing that they were not Spanish ships, but the yachts, we kept on our course without waiting for them, the wind being northeast by east with fair weather. Nothing remarkable occurred until July 28th, when we came to anchor in the river before Fort Amsterdam, with many persons sick with scurvy, who, thank God, are now again in good health."

Return voyage, 1626
Arms of Amsterdam
Sailed from New Netherland September 23, 1626
Arrived in Amsterdam November 4, 1626.
Captain Adrian Joris

Cryn Fredericksz returned to Holland.

William Verhulst returning with his wife to Amsterdam.

The ship which has returned home this month with Adrian Joris, brings samples of all the different sorts of produce there. The cargo consists of:
7,246 beavers,
675 otter skins,
48 minx,
36 wildcat and various other sorts;
several pieces of oak timber, and hickory.

* * * * * * *

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