Ship Journey: 1624 - New Netherland

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New Netherland
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This voyage also made a stop at  the island we currently call 'Governor's Island'.  The Lenape called this island Paggank (Nut Island).   It has also been called Nutten Island.


Immigrants to New Netherland

New Netherland
Sailed from Amsterdam the beginning of March 1623/241
Captain Cornelis Jacobs of Hoorn2
Arrived New Netherland beginning of May

Sailed with 30 families, mostly Walloons.

Francois Fezard Moemaecker3

Philippe du Trieux4 and wife and 2 children Cornelis Jacobs, skipper of the New Netherland, entered the river Mauritius (Hudson).... ...with the assistance of those of the Mackerel, a yacht with 2 guns which lay above, convoyed the Frenchman out the River, who would do the same thing in the South River but he was also prevented by the settlers there......."

."...and before the Mackerel sailed again, the grain was nearly as high as a man..."

Return voyage, 1624
Ship: New Netherland
Arrived in Amsterdam October, 1624
Skipper: Jan May of Hoorn2
Reported "that everything there was in good condition. The colony began to advance bravely and continues in friendship with the natives." His cargo consisted of 500 otter skins, fifteen hundred beavers, and a few other things, which were in four parcels, for 28,000 some hundred guilders.

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    1The double date is used to show the "old style" and "new style" dating of documents.
    (See dating of documents)

    2Cornelis Jacobs May of Hoorn was the first director of New Netherland. He had in the interest of some merchants of the city of Hoorn been exploring the coast since 1613 and among other points discovered Cape May, which was named for him. Cornelis Jacobsen May was a cousin or nephew of Jan Cornelisz May. Documents Relating to New Netherland 1624-1626, in the Henry E. Huntington Library, Translated and Edited by A. J. F. van Laer, (c)1924, p 262-3.

    3Francois Fezard, or Veersaert, as he is called by de Rasiere in his letter of September 23, 1626, was probably one of the Walloons who came over with Cornelis Jacobsen May in 1624. He may, however, have come over with Verhulst, in 1625. He was a millwright by trade, and was undoubtedly the same person as Francois Molemaecker. ibid, p 264.
    4374th Anniversary of the Eendracht and Nieuw Netherland by Harry Macy, Jr., Originally published in the NYGB Newsletter, Winter 1999. 

From the "Historiaeh Verhael" by Nicolaes Van Wassenaer 1621-1632, in
Documentary History of the State of New York, E. B. O'Callaghan,
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