Place: Governor's Island (Paggank) (Noten Eylandt) Nut Island

The native Lenape originally referred to Governors Island as Paggank ("nut island") because of the area's rich collection of chestnuthickory, and oak trees, and because it is believed that this space was originally used for seasonal foraging and hunting. The name was translated into the Dutch Noten Eylandt, then Anglicized into Nutten Island, before being renamed Governor's Island by the late 18th century.

In 1624 the ship New Netherland landed with a group of Walloon families hoping to settle the island.   By 1625 they'd moved to New Amsterdam, and the island remained a place that Native Americans and Dutch settlers visited for seasonal foraging and hunting.    It was likely too small ,70 acres at that time, to support many families throughout the year, and the winter on that island must have been quite challenging.

1637 - Wouter Van Twiller purchased the island in an Indian Deed.