Entity Description: Tribe - Siwanoy Nation - Wieckasgequeek - Wickasgeck

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Map of Siwanoy Tribal Territory

The Siwanoys were the indigenous inhabitants of the Bronx and Westchester County along Long Island Sound. 

From Wikipedia  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siwanoy:  The Siwanoy (/ˈsaɪwənɔɪ/) were the Indigenous Americans of Long Island Sound along the coasts of what are now The BronxWestchester County, New York, and Fairfield County, Connecticut.[2] They were one of the western bands of the Wappinger Confederacy.[3] By 1640, their territory (Wykagyl) extended from Hell Gate to Norwalk, Connecticut, and as far inland as White Plains;[4] it became hotly contested between Dutch and English colonial interests.[5]: 28  The name Siwanoy may be a corruption of Siwanak, "salt people".[4]: 585 

As one of the many Munsee groups, they are also referred to as Wieckasgequeek or Wickasgeck, and there is controversy over the use of the word 'Siwanoy' on Adrian van der Donck's map Belgii Novi 1651 and 1654 both of which use the word Siwanoy.   Clearly the Indigenous Peoples of Long Island sound were very mobile, travelling throughout an extensive territory to hunt, fish, collect clams, and trade.   

Evolving research may lead to additional information and additional controversy regarding the names of particular Indigenous groups.   We have included as much information as possible to allow the reader to relate maps, documents, and materials within the site using a variety of names.