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Ground-Brief July 2, 1646 Wessel Evertsen (ID: 1,660,063) Individual Owner Geertie Bouwkens (ID: 660,040) Individual Owner (Joint Owner through Marriage) N13_N14_1646-07-02
Inheritance Geertie Bouwkens (ID: 660,040) Individual Inheritor (Owner) Wessel Evertsen (ID: 1,660,063) Owner (Joint Owner through Marriage) Individual N13_N14_1671-04-00
Inheritance Individual Inheritor (Owner) N13_N14_1726-00-00
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This large double house and the curious structure to the left (No. 13) were all that Wessel Evertsen had retained of his ground-brief of July 2, 1646.^ — Liber GG: 151 (Albany). With its garden to the east, the homestead covered numbers 53, 55, and 57 Stone Street. In 1726, Lawrence Wessels, Jacob Bratt, and Nicholas Eyres, heirs of Wessel Evertsen, still owned it. — Recitals in Liber Deeds, XXXI: 185.

Skipper Wessel Evertsen is mentioned in the colony, in July, 1642. — Fan Rensselaer Bowier MSS., 715. He married Geertie Bouwkens, from Naerden, March 15, 1643. — Marriages in ReJ. Dutch Ch., 12. He is said to have come over in the service of the Company, and to have commanded the Company's yacht, " St. Martin." — Rec. N. Am., VI : 22on.

Evertsen seems to have made a living as captain of a sloop, sometimes fishing, sometimes carrying freight to points on Long Island and other nearby places.

He was dead by April, 1671. — Ibid., VI: 220.