Lot: E3 (Grant Lots)

Lot Group
Grant Lots
Date Start
1647-00-00 (Prior To)
Date End
To Party 1 (text)
Everardus Bogardus
From Party (Text)
Grant Description
Gr-br. to Everardus Bogardus. Not found of record.
Document Source(s)
Lib. A, Deeds, N. Y. Co.: 107
Full Grant Entry (The Iconography of Manhattan Island, Vol. 4, Ch. 4: The Dutch Grants):

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Full Stokes Entry (See images below)
Prior to 1647

Gr-br. to Everardus Bogardus. Not found of record.
1657 •■

Deed. Govert Loockermans, by virtue of a power of Nov. 14
attorney from Anna Jans, wid. of E. Bogardus, to
Warnaer Wessels. (Lib. A, Deeds, N. Y. Co.: 107.)
Desc: Anna Jans's ho. and lot opposite the 5 houses,
bounded N. by I. de Foreest; S. by R. Bottelaer, extend-
ing in br. in front on St., bet. both hos. 26 ft., deduct-
ing the drop; in rear, 24 ft. wide; length s. a. other lots,
according to bill of sale Dec. 23 and in virtue of gr-br.

Deed. Warnaer Wessels to Frederick Gisbert. Not
found of record, but recited in conf. set forth below.

Conf. Governor Nicolls to Frederick Gisbert. (Pats. Nov. 30
Alb., II: 135.) Recites transports Warnaer Wessells to
above; also Govert Loockermans to Wessells. Desc: W.
side Winckel St.; bounded N. side Isaac de Foreest; S.
side, Robert Bottelaer.