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Thomas Broen
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Gr-br. to Thomas Broen. Not found of record. Re- Aug. 25 cited below in conf. to Anneke Cock. (Pats. Alb., II: 166.)
Document Source(s)
Pats. Alb., II: 166
Full Grant Entry (The Iconography of Manhattan Island, Vol. 4, Ch. 4: The Dutch Grants):

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Full Stokes Entry (See images below)
Gr-br. to Thomas Broen. Not found of record. Re- Aug. 25
cited below in conf. to Anneke Cock. (Pats. Alb., II:

Ho. built by Anneke Dircks (Cock). (See Rec. N.
Am., Ill: 310.)

Conf. Governor Nicolls to Anneke Cock, wid. of Feb. 13
Pieter. (Pats. Alb., II: 166.) Recites gr-br. to
Thomas Broen, Aug. 25, 1644; deed to Gerrit Douman;
deed Douman to Pieter Cock, May 15, 1648. Desc: To
the S.* (N.) of the Beaver's Path, bet. the Fort and the
lot of Jan Stevensen; stretching to the N.* (S.) side alongst
the Beaver's Path, 8 r.; on the E. side, 4 r., 6 ft.; on the
S. side, next to the Fort, 8 r., 7 ft. and next to the Strand
on the W. side, 4 r., 7 ft.; amtg. in all to 38 r., 2 ft. and

5 ins.

•The confirmation of the er-br. to Thomas Broen contains many
inaccuracies. It was situated to the north of the Beaver's Path, in-
stead of to the south of it; it did not extend to the Strand. The date
was undoubtedly earlier than Aug. 25, 1644 for there is a mortgage
of record, made by Jannitje Broen, wife of Thomas Broen to Isaac
Allerton. for a house near Fort Amsterdam, as early as July 25, 1644.
[Cal. Hist. MSS., Dutch: 29.) Thomas Broen sold a ho. and lot N. of
Fort Amsterdam to Jan Jansen Damen, Aug. 24, 1648. (Co/. Hist.
MSS., Dutch: 42.) Damen may have lived here much earlier, for De
Vries says, in his Journal, under date of 1642 (in reference to the
building of the new church in the fort) "We chose . . .
Damen because he lived close by the Fort." (Jameson's Nor. iv.
Nilh.: 212.) As Damen is not found elsewhere "close by the Fort
probably the name in the confirmation should be Damen, not Douman.