Document: Patent of Michael Paauw for a tract of land called Hobocan Hacking

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Patent. Michael Paauw; tract of land called Hobocan Hacking, situate opposite the island of Manhattan, bounded south by Ahasimus, east by the river Mauritius, and west by a swamp (New Jersey).

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We, director and council of New Netherland, residing on the island of Manhattan at Fort Amsterdam under the jurisdiction of their High Mightinesses the Lords States General of the United Netherlands and of the Chartered West India Company, Chamber of Amsterdam, do herewith attest and declare that today, date underwritten, appeared before us personally Arommeauw, Tekwappo and Sackwomeck, inhabitants and co-owners of the land named Hobocanhackingh, located opposite the aforesaid island of Manhattan, acting for themselves and rato caverende for the rest of the co-proprietors of the aforesaid land they declare that for and in consideration of a certain quantity of merchandise, which they acknowledge to have received in their hands and possession to their complete satisfaction before the approval of this document, and to have sold, transported, ceded, conveyed and transferred in just, true and free ownership, as they transport, convey and transfer herewith to and for the behoof of Mr. Michiel Paauw, in whose absence we accept it ex officio with the proper stipulations; to wit: the aforesaid land called by us Hobocanhackingh extends on the south side to Ahasimus, on the east to the river Mauritius, and on the west side surrounded by marshes and swamps which sufficiently designate the boundary of this land; with all the interests, rights and jurisdiction belonging to them, the grantors, in their aforesaid capacity, constituting and substituting the aforesaid Mr. Paauw in their place and stead the real and actual possession thereof, and at the same time giving to and conferring on the aforesaid Mr. Paauw or whoever may after him obtain his interests, full and absolute power and command, tanquam actor et procurator in rem suam ac propriam, to enter upon, peaceably possess, occupy, plant, use and cultivate the aforesaid land, and therewith and thereof to do, act and dispose, as he would do with his own and other lawfully acquired lands and estates, without the grantors in their aforesaid capacity retaining, reserving or holding therein any part, right, interest or authority in the least, whether of possession, command or jurisdiction, but are now and forever fully and finally yielding and renouncing it for the behoof of the aforesaid; further promising not only forever to hold fast and irrevocable, and to observe and fulfill this their conveyance and whatever may be done by virtue thereof, but also to deliver and hold the aforesaid land free from claims, challenges, encumbrances and pretentions which anyone hereafter may make, and also to have this sale and transfer approved, ratified and acknowledged as valid by the remaining co-owners, all in good faith, without guile or deceit.

In witness hereof this has been confirmed with our usual signatures and pendant seal. Done on the aforesaid island of Manhattan at Fort Amsterdam, 12 July 1630.

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Translation: Gehring, C. trans./ed., New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Vols. GG, HH & II, Land Papers, 1630-1664 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: 1980).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.

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Hoboken Hacking (New Jersey)
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Michael Paauw
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Arommeauw, Tekwappo and Sackwomeck, inhabitants and co-owners of the land named Hobocanhackingh,
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Not sure if Hobocan Hacking = Hoboken NJ

Long translation, no paragraphs.

Not sure what this means:
Arommeauw, Tekwappo and Sackwomeck, inhabitants and co-owners of the land named Hobocanhackingh