Document: Meeting|Administrative meeting of the Burgomasters

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Meeting|Administrative meeting of the Burgomasters |List|Request|Cornelis Janzen Coele to be discharged from arrest |Request|Fire wardens for instructions: to be considered |Appearance|David Wessels and Frerijck Arenzen: complaining of people from outside the city working in it: to be considered |Decision|To draw up an order regarding the fruit market |Proceeding|Engaging one of the carpenters to build a trading house for the Native Americans

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...Adolph Pieterzen is called in and asked, whether he could not work eight to ten days for the City, putting up a little house, for the Indians to offer their wares.   Hew answers, that he has work on hand, but returning he says, if the Board would please to wait a fiew days, he would do it, which is accepted.

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