Document: Indian deed for New Utrecht on Long Island

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Indian deed to Cornelis van Werckhoven for New Utrecht, L. I.

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Indian Deed
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[1] [ Today the 22d of November 1652 the honorable Cornelis van Werkhoven has made over in full, and the Indians called Sei ]seu and Mattano, chiefs and owners, have received for themselves and as delegates of their friends and all other claimants to their entire satisfaction and accepted from the aforesaid Sr. van Werckhoven in the presence of Claes Carstens, as their interpreter and [ attorney ] in this matter, the following merchandise, to wit: 6 shirts, two pair of shoes, six pair of stockings, six adzes, six axes, six knives, two scissors, six combs, in full and satisfactory payment for the land located east of the North River at the Heads, just as the same land had previously been bought on behalf of the honorable Company and for which payment is still due. The said land extends from behind Mr. Paulus's land called Gowanis obliquely through the hills until Me[ ch ]wanienck, being situated on the southeast side of Amersfoort, inclusive, and from there past Gravesant to the sea, as a parcel of trees are marked; and that with all the land, whether hills, woods, thickets, marshes, streams, rivers and the like, then southward toward the bay, extending to the same bay and right into the sea; without the aforesaid Indians retaining or reserving for themselves and for other co-claimants, successors and heirs, any right or claim in least to the aforesaid land and its dependencies, but renounce and resigning now and forever to the benefit of the aforesaid lord Werckhoven all ownership, rights, title and proprietary interest therein; hereby having done and enacted everything in good faith,with promises never to act or let anyone act against this, at New Amsterdam, Manhattans in New Netherland, and was signed [ by the Indians and Claes Carstens in the presence of myself, Dirck ] van Schelluyne, notary public, admitted to practise by their high and mighty lords the States General, residing at New Amsterdam in New Netherland, and in the presence of Jonckheer Arent van Hattem, Jan Vinge and Nicolaes Grauwert as witnesses who signed the original entry hereof deposited with me, together with the aforesaid Indians and Claes Carstensz.

Below was written: Agrees with the entry signed by me, signed: D. V. Schelluyne, Nots. Pub. 1652.

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[1]: Missing material supplied from NYCD, 14:190.

From the collections of the New York State Archives, Albany, New York.  

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Published bound volume is also available: Translated in: Correspondence, 1647-1653, trans. and ed. Charles T. Gehring ("New Netherland Documents Series") (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2000).

Copyright to the published bound volume is held by the Holland Society of New York.
A complete copy of this publication is available on the
New Netherland Institute website.

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Indians called Sei ]seu and Mattano, chiefs and owners
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Indians called Sei ]seu and Mattano, chiefs and owners
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