Place: New Utrecht

Founding Name
Nieuw Utrecht
Chosen Name
New Utrecht
Full Name
Nieuw Utrecht
Founding Date (text)
End Date (text)
Date of Establishment (text)
...the dividing line between Dutch & English sphere of influence was fixed at Oyster Bay...
Jurisdiction Type
unchartered area
Nieuw Nederlandt
Boundary Events
Name at the time Change Start Date End Date Boundary Event
Nieuw Utrecht Claimed by Nieuw Nederlandt by Treaty of Hartford 1650-09-15 1661-12-31 New Utrecht_Nieuw Utrecht_1650-09-15_1661-12-31
Nieuw Utrecht Town chartered 1661-12-31 1662-04-23 New Utrecht_Nieuw Utrecht_1661-12-31_1662-04-23
New Utrecht Claimed by Connecticut by royal charter. 1662-04-23 1664-03-12 New Utrecht_New Utrecht_1662-04-23_1664-03-12
New Utrecht Assigned to Yorkshire shire 1664-03-12 1683-11-01 New Utrecht_New Utrecht_1664-03-12_1683-11-01
New Utrecht Assigned to Kings County 1683-11-01 1789-04-01 New Utrecht_New Utrecht_1683-11-01_1789-04-01
New Utrecht Recognized as a town by state law. 1789-04-01 1824-11-24 New Utrecht_New Utrecht_1789-04-01_1824-11-24
New Utrecht Gained in Upper New York Bay 1824-11-24 1889-01-24 New Utrecht_New Utrecht_1824-11-24_1889-01-24
New Utrecht Gravesend exchanged with New Utrecht 1889-01-24 1894-05-03 New Utrecht_New Utrecht_1889-01-24_1894-05-03
Source Images

History of Long Island, Vol. 1, Ross, Chap. IV p. 46