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Nicasius de Sille was sent to New Amsterdam in 1653 by the Dutch West India Company as Stuyvesant’s “First Councilor,” a man, the Company wrote, “experienced in the law and military. But Stuyvesant did not welcome de Sille’s experience and made life difficult for him. De Sille wrote to the Company on July 24, 1653, to complain. The Company, he wrote, had given him a letter to carry to Stuyvesant to acknowledge him, de Sille, as first political and military councilor of the Director, there, to reside in said quality in the fort, to deliberate with and in conjunction with his Honor concerning all matters that transpire. . . .” But in fact Stuyvesant and his fiscael, Cornelis van Tienhoven, mocked these instructions, and de Sille was repeatedly “laughed at.” Within a few years, his capabilities allowed him to surmount this treatment, and in 1656 he replaced the disgraced van Tienhoven as fiscael, an official charged with upholding the rights of the Company. The same year he was also appointed sheriff to the New Amsterdam court. His stone house, in Brooklyn, was occupied by his descendants for generations.

Source: Bontemantel Letters, found in translation on New Netherland Institute website.

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