Ancestor Notes


Jacquero was a man  enslaved at  Sylvester Manor in Shelter Island.   His name suggests that he may have been part of the Portuguese or Spanish slave trade at some point in his life.  If so, he may have spoken one or more of those languages in addition to his native language.  He arrived to live in Shelter Island in 1652.

Per Nathaniel Sylvester’s 1680 last will and testament, Jacquero and his wife, Hannah were owned by his wife Grizzell Sylvester having brought them with her into the marriage.

Jacquero and Hannah had two daughters, Hope and Isabell, who remained enslaved throughout their lives.   Hope was bequeathed to Grizzel Sylvester, and Isabel was bequeathed to her daughter Elizabeth Sylvester.  Because Elizabeth lived in Southampton, this probably meant that Isabel was separated from her family unless Elizabeth was visiting Shelter Island.

"Hannah and Jacquero probably never left Shelter Island after they arrived in 1652 and they remained enslaved and connected to the Sylvester family for the rest of their lives. The dates of their deaths are unknown but they were mentioned in Grizzell’s 1687 Will and Jacquero’s name appears again in an account book of Giles Sylvester with an entry dated 1689, listing a payment of cider for an unnamed service. We believe that they are buried in unmarked graves in the Afro-Indigenous Burying Ground at Sylvester Manor. "  Sylvestor Manor

Additional reading is available at Sylvester Manor : https://www.sylvestermanor.org/slavery-at-the-manor/hannah-jacquero-hope-isabell/

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