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"Best known as a leader of a 1689 New York rebellion that came to bear his name, Jacob Leisler was one of late-seventeenth-century New York's most prominent merchants, land developers, and foremost exponent of Reformed religious fundamentalism and Orangist political ideology. He was intimately bound to the social, economic, and political development of New Netherland and New York from 1660, when he was sent to the New World as a soldier by the Dutch West India Company's Amsterdam office, until his execution for treason in New York City in May 1691." David Voorhees, Jacob Leisler Papers project website.

Leisler arrived in New Amsterdam aboard the Vergulde Otter on July 24, 1660. He would have initially lived in the barracks in the Fort. In the fall of 1660, the directors instructed Stuyvesant to demobilize the soldiers and turn them into colonists by granting them a suitable parcel of land. We are not sure exactly where Leisler's grant was. However, he appears to have lived on the Strand from almost the time of his first arrival.

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