Demographics: Burgomaster - Burgomaster Status

Occupation Types

Burgemeester in Dutch. Beginning in 1653, with the establishment of a court of justice in New Amsterdam, the burgomaster was an office equivalent to mayor under the English. First appointed by Director General Stuyvesant and his Council, after 1656 the city government nominated them. They were to be of good reputation, prominent, wealthy, honest, and members of the Reformed Dutch Church.   

Because the Court of Burgemeesters and Schepenen met only once a week beginning in 1653 most members also had other occupations.  

This was a part time position.

Here is a link showing the Minutes of  May 1657 -  Swearing in of the newly appointed magistrates, and their oath; resolution exempting all retiring magistrates from duty on the burgher watch for one year after their retirement from office.

Courtesy of: New Netherland Institute's digital collection New York State Archives, New York State Library, New York State Museum, and a variety of project partners