de Hooges
Alternate First Name(s)
Anthonius, Antony
Alternate Last Name(s)
de Hoges
Birth Date
Birth Date Notes
c. 1618 or c. 14 Dec 1620 in Nieuwekerk, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Birth Location
Death Date
Death Dates Notes
Died 11 Oct 1655 at age 34? in Beverwijk, New Netherland
Ancestor Notes


"Antony de Hooges; was engaged as underbookkeeper and assistant to Arent van Curler, and sailed from the Texel by den Coninck David, July 30, 1641. He reached New Amsterdam Nov. 29, 1641, but apparently did not arrive in the colony [Rensselaerswyck] till April 10, 1642, being credited from that date till April 10, 1544, with a salary of f150 a year.

From van Curler's departure for Holland, in Oct. 1644, till van Slichtenhorst's arrival on March 22, 1648, he was entrusted with the business management of the colony; from the latter date till his death, on or about Oct. 11, 1655, he held the offices of secretary and gecommitteerde. In the accounts, he is credited, from May 11, 1652, to Oct 11, 1655, with a salary of f360 a year as secretary and for the same period with a salary of f100 as gecommitteerde, also with f56, for salary as voorleeser (reader in the church) during two months and one week in 1653. In a petition for salary, March 27, 1648, he states that he has been for more than six years in the service of the patroon and for four years has not received any salary; that he has now been entrusted with a new office without any mention of salary; and that he must have a house built inasmuch as the storehouse, assigned to him for a dwelling, has been turned into a church.

He married, in Oct. 1647, a daughter of Albert Andriesz, named Eva, who on Aug. 13, 1657, became the wife of Roelof Swartwout." 

New York State Library, Kiliaen van Rensselaer, Arnold J. F. Van Laer, Nicolaas de Roever, and Susan De Lancey Van Rennselaer Strong. Van Rensselaer Bowier Manuscripts (Albany, University of the state of New York, 1908)