Death Date

m 1660231 - Gabriel Carpesy, her 4th husband.   …according to Riker she had "lived in the Dutch colony at Fort Margariete, in Brazil, and had already had three husbands."

See Stokes - Taxlot Q1

"Teuntje Straetmans arrived in New Amsterdam with a teenage daughter, a small boy, and an infant girl. Upon arrival she was, for all intent and purposes, a single woman. At first, she may have had some hope Jacobsen would join her, but eventually she had him declared dead, a necessary pre-condition for a new marriage. With the consent of director-general Peter Stuyvesant, she married Gabriel Corbesij, another Company soldier, in the Dutch Reformed Church in Manhattan on June 15, 1657. In the church records, the bride is described as a widow."

For a wonderfully detailed biography, please see the article by Annette M. Cramer van den Bogaart, Phd.:    https://www.gothamcenter.org/blog/the-remarkable-life-of-teuntje-straetmans-a-woman-in-new-amsterdam

She was first married to Jan Meijerinck, and lived with him in the Dutch colony in Brazil near Recife in Fort Cabadelo, during the 1630's.   Her husband died in the 1640's.

She married George Haff, and had twin boys in 1649, only Laurens survived.   George Haff died in the 1650's.

Her third husband was Tieneman Jacobsen, and she had a daughter with him named Anna around 1654 in Guadaloupe.  She then moved to New Netherland without her husband, who she eventually declared dead.