Ship Journey: 1663 - St. Jacob - Bound for South River

Ship Name
St. Jacob
Departure Location
Departure Date
Arrival Location
Arrival Date
Ship Journey Information

New Netherland 1621-1664
Immigrants to New Netherland

In the St. Jacob
Sailed from Amsterdam June, 1663
Captain Pieter Lucasz van der Goes
Arrived at New Amstel (South River) July 28, 1663

Destination: New Amsterdam

    Annetje Jacobs from Gorchem (Gorckum, Gornichem)

    Geertje Huyberts from Marken - wife of Jan Gerritsen, and nephew 12 years old

    Peter Cornelissen Plockhooy and family; takes along for himself and his family all kinds of necessaries and small articles for his own use, as for agricultural purposes and clothing etc., also 2 half bags of hops, guns for his people. 1

    William Rosenberg 2

    Mr. Van Sweeringen 2

    60 farm laborers and girls 2

    41 persons 2 with their baggage and farm utensils left at Horekil.

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2 ibid, pg 426-7.
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