Ship Journey: 1625 - Mackerel, a Yacht

Ship Name
Mackerel - Yacht
Departure Location
Departure Date
Ship Journey Information

Immigrants to New Netherland

Mackerel, a yacht
Sailed from Texel April 25, 1625
Skipper Gerrit Isbrantsz

Gerrit Fongersz, Bringing "Further Instructions for William Verhulst"1

Cryn Fredericksz2

The Mackerel, sailing for New Netherland, loaded with some necessaries, left the Texel on the 25th of April and was captured by the enemy on the 27th and taken to Dunkirk. This small ship had a crew of 12.

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    1At the time the "Further Instructions" were drawn up there was apparently no secretary in the colony, for Secretary de Rasiere, in his letter of September 23, 1626 states that upon his arrival he found that the instructions of the Directors had been entered in a book by Gerrit Fongersz, the assistant commissary.Documents Relating to New Netherland 1624-1626, in the Henry E. Huntington Library, Translated and Edited by A. J. F. van Laer, (c)1924, p 266.

    2...Cryn Fredericksz would seem to have sailed on the fast-sailing yacht "Macreel," which accompanied the Hulft expedition, and which left the Texel on April 25, 1625, but as this yacht, according to Wassenaer, was captured by the enemy and taken to Dunkirk on the 27th, Cryn Fredericksz must, perhaps after having been ransomed, continued his voyage on another ship. ibid, p 269.

From the "Historiaeh Verhael" by Nicolaes Van Wassenaer 1621-1632, in
Documentary History of the State of New York, E. B. O'Callaghan,
1849, Vol. III pg 34-48. Also in Narratives of New Netherland, edited by J. F. Jameson, 1909, pg 61-90.